Montreal buildings



These are two decorative panels I spotted in the McGill ghetto area. They are set into the wall on either side of the front door of a big old apartment house. I am sure hundreds of students have hurried in and out of that door running to class or to some party, football game or rendezvous. I love that this classical pair is still hanging around this modern university. Pretty sure the lady is Artemis the huntress but the gentleman is a bit of a mystery to me. Is it Odysseus? I wonder who made these lovely plaques and if there are any others in the city. Wonderful to see as I walk along the street.

New tenants


Here is a picture of the evening moon over my little apple tree. Can you see the red and white. birdhouse in the apple tree? For the first time since it was put up two little birdsare making their nest there. Just two little sparrows who are bringing dry grass and twigs and mating quite shamelessly in the branches of the little tree that will soon be glowing in the evening light with pale blossoms. It seems to be my week for catching birdies “in flagrente”. They are very sweet and it is exciting to think I might have eggs hatching in the little birdhouse before too long.

The other picture is taken from the ferry from Sorel to the north shore of the St. Lawrence. I went out with a friend of mine to look for snow geese but since someone gave me very poor directions as to where they had been seen, it turned into something of a “wild goose chase” and only a few Canada geese were spotted. It is wonderful to see the river though. I like it very much and always think of old pioneers paddling down the great River wondering what fate awaited them.


I really didn’t mean to look


it was just a casual glance out of the kitchen window but to my bashful delight I caught a pair of cardinals mating.  The ecstatic moment took place on my newly repaired grape arbour…what an inauguration!  I could hardly believe my eyes and although it didn’t take very long( you’ll have to work on your technique, boyo) there was no mistaking what was going on.  Mlle soon flew off.  I do like her.  She is not so flashy and actually looks a bit sinister.  He stuck around to show off a little longer.  I took down some solar flashing lights in hopes of giving all the birds around here some darkness( read privacy) at night.  I saw a measly sparrow checking out my bird house yesterday.  I have never had a tenant even though it’s been up for at least 5 years.  Anyway, the neighborhood certainly is perking up.  Now if only……oh, never mind.

OK I believe now

This seen on my garden yesterday.  There were two of the, but one seemed to have got the hang of it better than the other.  Had a few smiles over the guy who just couldn’t get inside the cup of the flower.  Saw some other smaller bees yesterday too and a fly who was at this stage gently welcomed.  Buzz on!


City walls

image             image This mural seen yesterday close to the the Biblioteque National.  I like how it depicts native women but with a rather modern treatment.  I like how a young tree is growing up in front of the girl and I like that there is an inscription in what I think must be Mohawk.  There is a French version on the other side, but I leave it to your imagination!  Already the end of April and nature is having a hard time showing off as we are still experiencing very low temperatures and cloudy days.  It will come, I suppose and be all the more welcome for having made us wait.  In the meantime, lots of beauty on the walls around us.  Only open our eyes to see!

seen in a lane yesterday

image image

I really like this graffiti with its blending of the personal and the city, even the universal.  I tried to angle the camera so the image wouldn’t show the mess and debris below but then I thought, well, that’s part of living in the city too.  In that neighborhood there are trendy bars and boutiques facing the street front.  This interesting bit of art is poked away in a back alley.  People threw garbage back here all winter and now with the slow melting of snow, all is revealed.  Good thing she is a calm and serene woman!